The Last Story

11 01 2011

Now I don’t know if very many people have actually heard about this game yet, as right now there are only plans to release it in Japan and there has been no mention of bringing it to gaming systems in the West. However I will not lose hope! I think this game look just fantastic and I really truly hope that they make the decision to bring this game over seas to us fans who desperatly want to play it! Read the rest of this entry »

American Vs. Japanese Smilies

16 08 2010

Saw this hilarious image today on the ever faithful interwebs. I particularly liked this one because well it’s so damn true!

I go on a site called Gaia Online so I see the Japanese Smilies a lot, so to see this image it just makes my day!

Image Courtesy of : A-D-D on… Post-It Notes?