History of the Batmobile!?

16 02 2011

You can’t go wrong when talking about the Batmobile. That car is just so bad-ass that you just have to say its name to feel its badassery. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop Motion Mario

20 11 2010

Who doesn’t love Mario? Whoever made this video really REALLY loves Mario.

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Zelda On Paper

17 11 2010

This is probably some of the coolest stop animation that I have ever seen.

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200 Beloved Video Game Characters As Mega Man Sprites!

13 11 2010

So this awesome artist named Chris Bringhurst created this fantastic piece of art over the past two months or so. He took 200 of the most popular and iconic video game characters and transformed them into 8-bit Mega Man sprites!

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Every RPG Ever!

1 11 2010

Yet another internet discovery is worthy of me taking some time out of my busy life to write about it. This one is a hilarious one which I believe is courtesy of this past months Game Informer. Read the rest of this entry »

Solid Gold Monopoly Game

23 10 2010

This is pretty crazy. Someone in the world made a solid gold Monopoly set! Read the rest of this entry »

Fan Expo Team Aplogizes

1 09 2010

So it turns out that quite a few of the Fan Expo goers were unhappy with the way that the event was organized and run. Read the rest of this entry »

My Tifa Cosplay!

28 08 2010

So I’m being a big nerd and decided to post my Tifa cosplay pictures here cause well I want too! Enjoy ❤


American Vs. Japanese Smilies

16 08 2010

Saw this hilarious image today on the ever faithful interwebs. I particularly liked this one because well it’s so damn true!

I go on a site called Gaia Online so I see the Japanese Smilies a lot, so to see this image it just makes my day!

Image Courtesy of : A-D-D on… Post-It Notes?

Justin Bieber… Hit With Flying Object!

15 08 2010

So I realize that this has NOTHING to do with gaming… however I couldn’t not post it! It was too funny to pass up! Read the rest of this entry »

Alien Takes Over PS3

13 08 2010

Seeing as it is Friday The 13th I thought it would be appropriate to post something relatively scary. I chose this cause, well not going to lie it scared me when I first looked at it! I had no idea what I was looking at and I was rather creeped out. Read the rest of this entry »

Old Spice Guy… On A Cake?

10 08 2010

Yup. It’s done. The Old Spice Guy is on a cake. I gotta say I LOVE this cake! I wish I had one for my birthday ;(

Just wanted to share this little piece of epicness here ❤