May The Fourth Be With You!!

28 04 2011

As I’m sure, at least I hope, everybody knows that next Wednesday May the 4th is the official Star Wars Day!! I know that nerds all over the world will be celebrating by busting out all the DVDs/Bluerays (However you may watch them) and settling in for some awesome Star Wars marathons.

Now I don’t know about you guys but on a day like this I would much rather be surrounded by other Star Wars fans with whom I can share my love, and if you happen to be in or near the city of Toronto (Canada) then you are in luck!!! Some fabulous people from all over the city have decided to put on a Star Wars Day TO event right in the heart of the city!

This amazing event will take place at the Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave.) on May the 4th (Obviously!) and tickets are only $8 each which, if you ask me, is an amazing price for all the fun you’ll have!! A special thanks to Harth for presenting this awesome event!

The main event will be that on the big screen there will be some of the absolute BEST parodies, mash-ups and tributes that the internet holds! That’s right you’ll be able to see all those amazing and hilarious videos on a HUGE screen! Not only that, you will be able to see some ORIGINAL vintage 35mm prints from all three of the original trilogy movies! I don’t know about you guys but I definitely want to see those.

Who doesn’t love Stormtroopers? Now I bet you wish you could actually meet one IRL and take a picture with them. Well, in order to make that wish come true all you need to do is make sure you attend the Star Wars day festivities! The very amazing Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion will be personally showing up to the event and will be taking pictures with anybody and everybody who wants one! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to be the envy of your friends when you show them your new smart phone background of you and one of these baddasses!

One of the most exciting parts of the evening will definitely be the awesome original trilogy trivia game show that will be going on! Anyone in the audience will be able to take part in this amazingly fun trivia contest where they will be able to win some awesome prizes!! I know you wanna win that main prize ; ) Just imagine what it may be with a theme like Star Wars!

Now for what I think is really the best part of the whole evening, there is going to be an amazing COSTUME CONTEST! That’s right people you heard correctly, a costume contest! So bust out those Star Wars cosplays you’ve got stashed away in your closet and come on down! There are some seriously great prizes for this contest, all of which are themed appropriately so don’t miss out! I just wish I could get a Leia or Amidala costume done in time! But seriously guys I HIGHLY recommend that you enter this contest as, while I can’t say what any of the prizes are, I’ve heard what some of them may be and they are SICK!

Make sure you come on out and bring all your friends and families as it is going to be the hottest Star Wars party of the year and one that will be talked about until next May the 4th! So don’t miss out on this amazing event because you’ll be sorry you did!

Oh and, May the Fourth be With You!

For more information on Star Wars Day check out the official website at



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