Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 3 Finale

25 03 2011

So this past Wednesday I found myself back at the awesome Teletoon headquarters. However this time it was to see the final two episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars season 3! So I’m just gonna say now that there will be some minor spoilers, nothing too bad because I hate spoiling things but I must add it!

Now I was pretty stoked to see these episodes as the season as been pretty action packed! There was a pretty nice surprise to these ones as they focused mainly on Ahsoka and her character was able to develop. There wasn’t a whole lot of Anakin which was kind of nice for a change c;

In them she finds herself separated from her Jedi master and rescued from certain death by other Jedi younglings who were also taken in the same way. These younglings were interesting characters and added quite a bit of emotion to the episodes. I must admit that when the show first started and we met the other younglings I really wasn’t the biggest fans of them but they grew on me by the end. They actually kicked some ass too! All of them working together was pretty awesome to see as they were pretty crazy powerful. Ahsoka ends up taking a leadership role for the group and I must say she really flourished. I really began to like her character even more as she shows incredible determination and is rather inspiring.

As usual the fight scenes were epic. However this time there was a crazy Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon feel. This was because there were lots of scenes with the younglings running through the woods being chased by the Trandoshan hunters that had captured them. Now the one thing that did surprise me about these episodes was that there was a lot more death than I was expecting. This is not a bad thing simply a surprising thing. I actually liked it because it made everything more intense and emotional.

Now for the best part of the entire screening. CHEWBACCA!!!! I was sooooooo excited when he finally showed up! It was awesome and I literally clapped out loud. He was pure epicness and I don’t want to ruin anything because everyone needs to enjoy Chewbacca in all his awesomeness. I will say that you’ll want to give him a huge hug and then cheer him on while he kicks some ass! Oh and the Wookie army/soldiers are fucking AMAZING! Oh and Peter Mayhew actually voiced Chewie!

All in all these were some of the best Clone Wars episodes I’ve seen and I think everyone needs to watch them! The first one airs tonight, Friday March 25th at 8:30 PM on Teletoon so don’t miss it!! The final episode airs next Friday April 1st at 8:30 PM once again on Teletoon!

Now for your enjoyment here is a clip from the episodes where Ahsoka and the other younglings find Chewie!



2 responses

28 03 2011

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Clone Wars but I will get a look at this one only to see Chewie 🙂

28 03 2011
Dani Ray

You definitely should! It’s sooo good 🙂

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