Re-Launch Party!!

11 03 2011

So last night, March 10th, the awesome Alice Quinn held a re-launch party for her site The party took place at the Tiger Bar at Bathurst and College and it was a pretty good atmosphere for this relaunch.

The bands downstairs were, quite appropriately, playing chiptunes (8-bit music) and everyone was rocking out. There was also an epic video game competition! The competition was on an Xbox 360 (I was already kind of screwed as I have a PS3) and the game was Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This made the party quite unique, while there were tons of people rocking out there was also a huge crowd watching whoever was competing at the time. I swear that’s something you’ll only see at a TdotComics party c; There were some pretty awesome prizes for the winners including a Blueray and a set of comics by a group of the artists there! I was instantly jealous when I saw the comics as the main prize as I had been talking to the artists for a while and REALLY wanted their book!

Speaking of artists, there were a few amazing artists there who were doing sketches for party-goers! That’s pretty sick if you ask me. Two of the groups of artists were doing sketches for free and one was only charging $5-$10. Unfortunately I didn’t grab a business card of the amazing artist who was charging for her work but she had some breathtaking pieces of super heroes that I would have gladly, had I had the money, paid for. The next artist was one named Lezley Davidson, she was doing some beautiful headshots for lucky party-goers. Unfortunately there were SO many people I wasn’t able to get one.. but maybe next time! You can actually see said headshots at her site There you can also see her webcomic that she puts out three times a week (The days are on the site) titled Peeling-Onions. The last set of artists that were there, and the ones I mentioned earlier whose comic collection was a grand prize for the video game competition, are Jeff and Chris and these two guys really know what they’re doing. They’ve been writing comics together since, I believe I may be a bit off here, the mid-90s and their work is just awesome. You can check out their weekly webcomic and more information about them at their site Their current webcomic is called Mississauga Jay and it is hilarious so make sure you check it out! I know I’ll definitely be buying their ‘Whole Shebang Package’ that catches you up on all their ‘Dressed for Success’ comics thus far! Luckily I managed to get an adorable little caricature from them!! I was sooo happy! Maybe one day I’ll be able to get them to draw more things for me c;

All in all this party was a massive success and I’m so glad that everyone came out to support TdotComics and Alice! EVERYBODY needs to make sure that they check out the fabulous and make sure you guys also check out the artists sites!

Check out some pictures below to see how much fun people had!



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12 03 2011
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