History of the Batmobile!?

16 02 2011

You can’t go wrong when talking about the Batmobile. That car is just so bad-ass that you just have to say its name to feel its badassery.

Even though this car is pretty much the most epic well… ever, not everybody is fully aware of its colourful history. That is why I’ve decided to share this awesome picture that chronicles the entire history of the Batmobile.

That’s right you heard me, this covers the first appearance of the car in the 1941 comic book through all the years and right up until the most recent visualization of it in the 2010 Batman: The Return.

Not only does it cover the car over the years, but it also tells you what the base car for each model is! I don’t know about you guys but I think this is pretty sweet.

Check out the picture below in all its glory and take a minute to learn a little more about our beloved Batmobile!

Oh and just before anyone rages on me… Yes I am aware that Frank Millers Batmobile from Dark Knight Returns is not here. I’m not sure why but it isn’t… Onto the picture!

Original Story: Cool Material



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