Zombies… and Transformers?

2 02 2011

Transformers and Zombies. Honestly you can’t get much better than that. Kick-ass robots and deadly zombies coming together is just about an awesome overload!

Here we see a preview of the new miniseries known as Transformers: Infestation being brought to us by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. This miniseries is being published by IDW and will be a two-part bi-weekly series.

The whole concept behind this series is that an extremely smart undead virus has hoped dimensions into the Transformers universe and is wreaking havok on the robots! The entire Transformers universe is in peril as they work to stop the spread of this infestation (See what I did there c;). Get ready to see tons of different Transformers kicking some zombie robot butt as they try to protect their world!

The first issue actually hit stands TODAY! Wednesday February 2nd, 2011 and I highly suggest that you grab it because it really does look EPIC!

Check out some shots of the comic as well as some of the art you can expect from it!

Original Story: i09



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