The Maple Leaf

28 01 2011

A while back I remember hearing something about how Stan Lee was commissioned by the NHL to create superheroes for the 30 teams in the league. Now I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a real marketing plan or if it was just some sort of rumour being spread around.

I know now that this campaign is very real and information has already started to get out. The 30 superheroes are known as the Guardians and each one takes inspiration from the team name. All 30 superheroes will be released to the world at the All Star Game and I’m sure there will be some sort of animation(s) showing them duking it out.

Of course being a Torontonian I have to talk a bit about the Guardian created from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now as I already mentioned Lee created these guys based on the team name and because of this I’m sure you can make a logical guess about what our Guardian is like.

You got it, our Guardian is, “A giant walking and talking maple tree. An immovable object that can grow exponentially larger at will.” All I can really say about this is just wow. I mean I know we didn’t give him much to work with but a mobile maple tree? Oh but wait it gets even better, when you look at a more detailed description of our Guardian we see that, “The Maple Leaf, or ‘Trunk’ as the rest of the Guardians know him, is one of the funniest of the Guardians. Always quick with a joke or sarcastic barb, the Maple Leaf often disarms his opponents by bringing levity to tense situations.” His superpower is throwing people off guard by making inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times? I guess that sounds like a Torontonian… The writers over at Blogto have noted that this description of the Guardian is very much like the average Maple Leafs’ ego and skating ability as well as the fact that his ‘humour’ can be attributed to the fact that the other teams can do nothing but laugh at the Maple Leafs.

Now I personally think this is one goofy superhero. I hope that the others are as silly as this one but somehow I feel that certain ones will be totally epic while others, well… laughable.

After the All Star Game the Guardians will be ‘given’ per say to each team and they will be able to use them in their marketing campaigns. I guess he’s like a new mascot?

Original Story: Blogto



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