The Last Story

11 01 2011

Now I don’t know if very many people have actually heard about this game yet, as right now there are only plans to release it in Japan and there has been no mention of bringing it to gaming systems in the West. However I will not lose hope! I think this game look just fantastic and I really truly hope that they make the decision to bring this game over seas to us fans who desperatly want to play it!

Let me start by talking a little bit about the larger concepts behind The Last Story. It is a role-playing game that utilizes both real-time action as well as certain components of turn-based fighting. Now don’t let this turn you off the game as only one aspect of the battle gameplay uses it. The Last Story has been created specifically for the Wii and as of now is exclusive to it. The game has been in development for 3 and a half years, and if you consider the initial thinking process that jump-started the game in the first place than it has been under development for a total of 4 years. The company behind the game is called Mistwalker Corporation and was actually started by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi has quite the impressive career in the video game industry and he was actually the creator of the esteemed Final Fantasy series. Finally, The Last Story will release in Japan on January 27th, 2011 and I am immensely jealous for that!

One of the things about this game that I love so much is the character design. The Last Story’s character designer is Kimihiko Fujisaka, he has previously worked as character designer on titles such as Drakengard One and Two. Fujisaka has done an amazing job on the character design for The Last Story cast as each character looks stunning and their clothing looks awesome. I love how detailed everything is, you can just tell tons of time, effort and love went into each one. You can just tell that each character design matches their personalities perfectly. Check out each of the main characters below.

Another thing that I just have to mention is that the composer behind The Last Story is the one and only Nobuo Uematsu!! Uematsu is known as one of the most famous and respected video game composers in history. He has composed the music for over 50 different video games, and most people know his for composing the music for almost all of the Final Fantasy games. The music in this game is going to be just beautiful and I just know it will complement the story perfectly.

Now to focus a little more on the actual gameplay and what you can expect when playing through the game, for the majority of the game you control the main character Elza. Elza works with a group of mercenaries and you will follow him, and their, travels completing different jobs and encountering different people. One of the aspects of this game that Sakaguchi stresses is the feeling of friendship. This feeling is fortified by the group of mercenaries, they have close relationships, and as you walk around the different maps the people in your party will actually be talking back and forth. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a dungeon or just walking around Ruli Island, you will always hear your teammates chatting about the things around them. Sakaguchi noted that while not all the background talk is relevant, closer to the end of the game you will hear more and more story related information from them.

Now I mentioned Ruli Island above, this is actually the only town you will encounter in the game. However, this town is humongous especially by RPG standards and is better suited to being called a city. Ruli Island is where you will be in between dungeons and when you need to upgrade your equipment or just take a break from kicking so much butt. To give you a better feel for the size of Ruli Island I’ve included the image of the island that has been release. I believe that the actual amount of island you get to explore in the game is larger than the map we see here. This is because in one of the videos I’ve seen gameplay of they were actually exploring the area that contains the large circle on the left hand side.

Now the games battle system is pretty complicated and I won’t go into complete detail here but what I will do is explain it roughly and include gameplay videos and images for you guys to see so hopefully you can understand it better. As I mentioned before the battle system is mostly real-time action and sees you controlling only one character. However, you have the option to control certain actions of the other characters through a turn-based system that can be accessed in the battle menu. One of the most prominent aspects of The Last Story’s gameplay is the Gathering system. This is an ability that allows Elza to grab the attention of every enemy on the field and have them try to attack him. This not only allows for your mages to properly cast their spells, as in this game mages need about 10-20 seconds of uninterrupted time to cast their spells, but it also helps Elza prepare for one of his signature moves. This move is known as the vertical slash and it sees Elza climbing up a nearby wall or surface and then thrusting his sword down into the group of enemies below. One of the last aspects of the battle system I will mention is the use of what’s known as magic circles. Magic circles are how you direct your spells on the battlefield. Wherever you place your magic circle is where the ensuing spell will go, however you can utilize other magic such as Elza’s wind magic to blow these magic circles around and cause even more damage. The last part of the battle system I will talk about is actually two things, the first is the fact that you can hide behind almost every surface you can find in the map, and quite often this will help you gain the upper hand when initiating battles. The second is the seek portion of things. Elza has this unique function called seek, this switches the camera to an almost first person view and allows you to look around. The largest function of this is that it allows you to find areas of the battlefield that you can hit with your bow and cause to crumble and quite often fall killing enemies. Use eh? Anyways, here are some videos and pictures to help you visualize all of this!

And just for fun here is some additional gameplay/trailers for you guys to enjoy! And yes they are all in Japanese I apologize but like I said no localization as of yet! Hopefully we can change that though! Let the world know how stoked you are about The Last Story and let’s try our best to get it to Western audiences too!

For more information on The Last Story check out Andriasang’s Last Story archives Here



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