Orange PaperQuest… Toys?

21 12 2010

Now I know that everybody loves toys, because I mean who could hate toys? That’s why as soon as I saw these awesome  new toys created by French designer So Me, as well as a few others, I just had to share.

This new set of toys is awesomely named ‘Orange PaperQuest’ and they are just as epic as their name. These toys actually have a pretty cool background to them as well. A French telecommunications company simply named ‘Orange’, created a marketing campaign that invited the general public to create a design for a plain origami base that they provided.

By the end of the campaign 13 amazing PaperQuest toys had been created by people and designers all over the world. You can see all the creations in the pictures below. Not only that, you can watch the video that showcases some of the artistic talent behind the toys and how they were inspired to create them.

I think my personal favourite is the black and white one with the sick diamond and other graphics on it! How about yours?

Don’t forget about the awesome inspiration video!

And some pictures!

Original Story: HighSnobriety



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