Star Wars: The Clone Wars New Villain?!

14 12 2010

Alright I have some exciting news to share with you guys. Last Wednesday December 8th we were graciously invited back to Teletoon studios to catch a sneak peek of one of their awesome shows, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s right people awesome stuff right here. This time we were lucky enough to catch three upcoming episodes where the Star Wars universe sees the birth of a new villain known as Savage Opress.

Before I begin I have to mention that this time around there were actually cosplayers this time! I believe, I may be mistaken, there were Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and to be honest I’m not sure who the last guy was dressed up as >.< Sorry! Either way they all looked wicked cool and I managed to catch a pic with one, check it out below.

As I said the trilogy sees the beginning of new villain Savage Opress. I must say the animation in these episodes were quite awesome, it was very smooth and clear cut. This made it easy to enjoy the fight scenes to their maximum potential because you could actually tell what was going on. And by the way, the fight scenes were awesome I swear I could watch a show made entirely of these fight scenes, I’m simple I know. Not only that, there were actually a lot of them. Between the scenes where Ventress searches for a pawn to help her enact her revenge or as I like to call them the ‘testing’ scenes, and the actual ‘fight to the death’ scenes (although pretty much every fight was to the death) there was tons of action.

Speaking of which, this episode was also a bit more dark than most Clone Wars episodes. I mean I guess this makes sense as the way they went about create Savage was rather… intense. Starting your warrior life outside your home planet as Asajj Ventress’ pawn to use against her former master Count Dooku does not make for a good time. I must admit there was a whole theme of revenge throughout the trilogy which made for quiet an interesting plot, and probably accounted for the darkness. Speaking of home planets, Ventress and Savages’ was really interesting. It was basically split into two with the women on one side and the men on the other. Each side was filled with skilled warriors, the men utilizing more brute force and the women more about stealth and witchcraft. However between the two side, the women were the ones who ran things.

I think one of the most exciting things about these episodes were that there were references to Darth Maul. Savage is actually a descendant of Darth Mauls, and.. well I don’t want to ruin anything but make sure you watch all three episodes right until the end. You’ll get a nice surprise c;

All in all I have to admit Savage was a likable character. When you guys watch the episodes you’ll understand… it’s as if he had no chance of any other outcome than the one he got.

Oh and of course these episodes had their funny moments, some of the things characters would say was priceless. And I can’t forget, of course they also featured Anakin and Obi Wan however they had significantly smaller roles than in regular episodes. It was kind of a breath of fresh air to be honest.

I gotta say it once more, these episodes were epic. And because of this I highly recommend that everyone make sure to catch them when they air! They premier on Friday January 7th, 2011 so don’t miss ’em!

After we watched the episodes we were given a little treat! Teletoon gave everyone an awesome Clone Wars toy and Super Fan pin. Check them out below c;



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