TRON Legacy Movie Screening!

10 12 2010

Wow so I really lucked out last night! Somehow I managed to get into the preview movie screening of TRON Legacy put on by George Stroumboulopoulos at the CN Tower.

Around 6:00 PM last night it was announced that at 8 they would be holding the first ever screening in Canada of TRON Legacy at the one and only CN Tower. Of course there was a catch, only the fist 100 people would get in! As soon as I heard this I booked it down there with Tristan and hoped that we were going to make it in. Luckily we made it with time to spare as we were about the 75th people there. It was pretty neat as while we were all waiting George Stroumboulopoulos actually came around to most people waiting and said hi, thanks for coming, etc.

So we finally started moving further into the CN Tower and as we get closer to the screening room there is popcorn and drinks for everyone as well as a photographer who took everyone’s picture in front of one of those ‘red carpet’ walls that says the name of the sponsoring event, in this case The George Stroumboulopoulos Show. The coolest part about this was that I actually got to chat with George for a bit while standing in line and get some pictures. He’s a really cool guy and seems very down to earth. Make sure to check out the pictures below! Oh and the one with him next to his picture is intentionally awkward!

Just before we get into the theater we have to give our cell phones/electronic devices up to security, I’m not surprised Disney can’t have their newest baby leaked on the net! Just as a side-note the CN Towers theater was pretty sweet! Anyways so after everyone is all settled down George says a few words, including warning us not to film the screening or else! And finally the movie starts playing! I must say, Disney knows how to make a movie. They started by re-doing the classic Disney castle shown at the beginning of every movie in complete TRON style. It was all black shadows and blue lights, it was amazing!

Alright so without ruining anything, cause I’m literally afraid that Disney would murder me, onto some sort of review-like, information type thing about the movie! I guess I will say spoiler alert? Even though it’s only about how they put the movie together if you wanna be totally surprised maybe don’t read this paragraph… I also want to preface this with saying that I have not seen the original TRON but after watching this one I really want to watch it. However, I am a tad afraid that it will be like playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood then going back and playing the original Assassin’s Creed… Enough rambling! To start I must admit that one of my favourite things that Disney did was keeping the movie in 2D while the characters were in the real world, and then when they went into The Grid, the movie changed into 3D. I personally thought it was pretty awesome. Of course the graphics were fantastic, the epic buildings and scenes where they just spanned the city were amazing. The way that they created the games stadium was really cool! It was all moving glass and very intricate. Of course that segways into the EPIC fight scenes! Man they were pretty wicked. The way that the program would shatter when killed was also pretty sweet. Oh and the way that they utilized slow motion was siiiick! You can totally tell that this movie was made for 3D as everything about it is so pristine. Lastly the bikes, oh the bikes. They were just wow, I totally want to ride one of those! The way they reinvented them is just wicked.

I also thought that the characters in this movie were pretty solid. I didn’t think that I would really like Olivia Wilde (Quorra), I thought she did a really good job and I loved her character. Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn was hilarious, he totally channeled his Big Lebowski self and it was awesome! Bridges was also pretty epic as Clu, he was totally a different person. Lastly, Garrett Hedlund played Sam Flynn and to be honest he wasn’t bad either. He was annoying when he was supposed to be but by the end I actually liked him a lot more.

Lastly of course I must mention the soundtrack. Daft Punk really outdid themselves this time, this soundtrack was fantastic. It went along perfectly with the movie and you could just tell it was made specifically for it. It really was just beautiful. I totally recommend everybody check it out!

Overall this movie really was fantastic. I’m not sure what I was really expecting from it, but this certainly wasn’t it. And you know what? That was a good thing.

After the movie was over they had giftbags to give out! They had coupons for the CN Tower, two tickets to The George Stroumboulopoulos Show and last but not least…… A copy of the Daft Punk Soundtrack!!! Needless to say I REALLY wanted to win one of these.. And I did! HELLZ YEAH! I was on fire guys and it was awesome!!! Check out the pictures below to see the sweet swag c; Oh and that poster might have been stolen from the theater after the movie *ninja*

So I highly suggest that all you peeps check out the movie when it hits theaters next Friday December 17th as it really is quite the experience!

And now for the pictures ~



3 responses

19 12 2010
Sunny J

Strombo sure can throw a party. What a good time. Great write-up.

28 12 2010

why was there a scaning befor the movie started?

4 01 2011
Dani Ray

The screening was mostly to create hype about the upcoming movie and let some people get a sneak peek c;

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