LEGO Lamborghini Gallardo?

19 11 2010

That’s right people. LEGO has done it yet again! They have created yet another amazing toy for us big kids to play with.

This time around they have decided to create a fully to scale Lamborghini Gallardo! How amazing is that?! I don’t know about you guys but I totally want to pick this up and play with it! I’ve always wanted to own a Lambo and now I can! Thanks LEGO =)

This awesome toy is super detailed and is a 1:12 scale model. The package comes with enough bricks to build either a Gallardo coupe or a Spyder Gallardo. Either of which is fucking siiiick! The Spyder Gallardo features a retractable roof that actually folds into the trunk! LEGO, you certainly have outdone yourself this time.

I WANT this toy! Anyone care to supply me with one so I can sit in my room for hours building a Lambo then driving it ALL over the house =)

Check out some more pics below ~

Original Story: HighSnobriety



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