Amazing Final Fantasy VII Spoof

30 10 2010

So the other night during one of my many ‘I can’t sleep so I’ll watch TV’ moods, I turned on Robot Chicken. Now I think this show can really be hit or miss, some sketches are extremely funny where others seem to just fall flat. This time around the skit was hilarious.

Now I had lost interest in whatever skit was on before hand and I had turned my attention elsewhere. However, I heard music that reminded me of a RPG game so of course I looked back. I was shocked to see a mock version of my love Cloud on the screen!

Of course I instantly started paying attention and I must say I am glad I did! This parody is hilarious! It has quite a few of the main characters and places them inside a fast food joint. I don’t want to ruin anything so please check out the video below!



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