Lego Minifigures Volume 2

29 10 2010

So as I’m sure many of you know there are tons of fun figurines out there you can buy that come inside of what is known as a ‘mystery box.’ Well lately LEGO has decided to get in on this and as a result they have recently released their second installment of their Lego Minifigures.

These minifigures come inside of a bag and the one you end up with is totally random. How fun is that right!?

There are a multitude of different figurines that you might end up with when you tear open the bag including, a karate champion, a witch, a pharaoh, or even a mime (complete with different heads so you can change his face!).

These are pretty damn cool and I totally want some right now! I think the best part is the mystery box. If you have never gotten a toy that comes inside a mystery box then you are TOTALLY missing out and need to go buy a LEGO one to see what you are missing c;

Story courtesy of High Snobiety



One response

29 10 2010

I think I need to know where to buy these !!!!!!!

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