7TR0N Watches

26 10 2010

I’m sure you’re looking at this picture saying ‘Wat?’ What you are looking at dear readers is in fact a watch!

Yup you read correctly. That is a watch. It is not just any watch. It is a watch inspired by Tron! Now you see it right? (;

These watches are designed by Scott Galloway and I must say he’s done quite a nice job. He decided to not only have the design on the face of the watch, but he also has it on the band of the watch. Something you don’t see very often these days.

The focus of the design are the lines of light found on the face and band. And the lines of light on the face are actually how you tell the time. The outer circle, ‘C’ represents the hour and the inner circle, ‘C’ represents the minutes. I found this surprisingly easy to read once I understood how it worked.

Now I’m not 100% sure about how the colours work but I’d like to think that you can change which colour appears on the watch. But that may just be wishful thinking!

So I would TOTALLY rock one of these watches. I think they are awesome and I love the concept behind them.

Heads up courtesy of Magically Adept

Original Story courtesy of Yanko Design



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