19 10 2010

Woohooooooo! So last Thursday I attended the movie screening of the upcoming movie First-Squad. I gotta say I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the way they went about it was amazing. It was clearly an Anime film, however, they added a certain twist to it.

It began with about 10-15 minutes of anime footage, and then it cut to a few minutes of documentary footage. This clip was always of one person; either a psychologist, war veterans; both Russian and German, and a historian. This footage always had some sort of tie to the next part of the anime that was shown. They continued this throughout the whole movie.

I really liked that they included this in the film. I thought it added a nice little flair to everything.

The story itself was an intriguing one, full of magic and other-wordly things like the dead coming back to fight the living. I don’t want to ruin anything plot-wise so I won’t go into much detail but it is definitely one of the coolest movies I’ve seen.

However I must admit one thing, I was speaking to one of the makers of the film afterward and he told me that the documentary portions were actually mockumentaries. When you’re watching the movie it’s very easy to get caught up in everything and believe that it’s all real, so I must admit I was a tad upset when I found this out.

Overall this movie is pretty epic and when it comes out next year everybody should check it out!

At the screening there were minor talks about POSSIBLY creating a television show out of the movie. I personally think this would be an amazing idea. There were so many things left unanswered that they could really utilize in a television show format. All of y’all should show your support when the film debuts and show them you agree with me!

Once again here’s the trailer to show you guys some of the epicness




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