Banksy Does the Simpsons

11 10 2010

Last nights open­ing theme was with­out a doubt the dark­est and most twisted look at the iconic town of Spring­field. Banksy took the iconic couch gag, and delved into an Asian gulag where chil­dren dip cels from the Simp­sons ani­mated show into a vat of toxic chem­i­cal, where kit­tens are thrown into a wood chip­per to stuff Bart Simp­son dolls, pan­das are whipped into pulling carts, and decap­i­tated dol­phin heads are used to seal boxes. I applaud Banksy for not com­pro­mis­ing his val­ues despite being on the most pop­u­lar car­toon in the world.

Check it out!



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