Toronto Fan Expo 2010

31 08 2010

Sadly the weekend is over and that means the Toronto Fan Expo 2010 is over as well. It really was a monumental event this year. Thousands of fans attended hoping to meet their favourite celebrities as well as buy some sweet swag.

Even though there have been some complaints about the lines and the organization of the event, people inside the venue seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves as they walked around the many areas the Expo had to offer.

There were tons of independent booths selling cute homemade goods as well as lots of booths owned by stores in and around Toronto. Surprisingly there were quite a few large retailers there including Hasbro, Disney, Microsoft, Space, and G4TV. Each one had either fun things to sell or something cool to promote; Hasbro had some new Star Wars figurines, and Microsoft had a demonstration for their up-coming product Kinetic.

I actually tried to Kinetic demo and I must say it was a lot more fun than I expected. I’ve never played any sort of game where my movements control what is going on so it was a new experience for me. Like I said I enjoyed it more than I expected, however I noticed that it was still a bit laggy.. hopefully that can be attributed to the fact that Microsoft is still working on Kinetic.

The artists alley was amazing, featuring amateur and professional artists alike. There were so many variations of art to choose from that everyone could find something they loved. Not only art but there were tons of figurines for sale all of which appealed to someone. Of course there was also a huge selection of comic books and graphic novels to buy.

Last but certainly not least there were tons of cosplayers enjoying the expo. Lots of different people dressed up as their favourite comic book, video game, anime or even horror characters and flaunted their stuff. I took as many pictures as I could but didn’t get as many as I would have liked! Check them all out below ~



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