Love Plus Resort?

30 08 2010

I gotta hand it to them this time. The Japanese really take their Love Plus seriously. Now I knew that this game had dudes doing some crazy things. Such as the one guy who married his virtual girlfriend.

But I really think that this takes the cake. A resort in Japan, located in the town of Atami, has teamed up with the creators of Love Plus and have implemented special features among the town catering to Love Plus gamers.

Throughout the town there are thirteen ‘romantic’ locations that bear a special barcode which the gamer scans. When they scan the code, they see the image of their ‘girlfriend’ in the area he is currently. Now I’m not sure if how exactly they see the girl, whether it is actually there in front of them or just on their iPhone/DS.

Not only this, there are special hotel rooms that were specifically made for these Love Plus gamers. They are equipped with “two sets of futon beds and yet another barcode panel.” The barcode allows the gamer to view their girlfriend in a cute kimono, clearly a key selling feature.

Local shops have also cashes in on the resorts new found visitors. They have begun to stock Love Plus themed items including, “good-luck charms, steamed buns, and fish sausages.” Yum?

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