Atelier Rorona Demo

25 08 2010

Recently on, On The Spot, an online program on that talks about anything and everything to do with video games, there was a six-and-a-half minute demo of the up-coming Playstation 3 game Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. Atelier Rorona is a very cute Japanese role-playing game that comes out on September 28th, 2010 in North America for the Playstation 3. The game revolves around a young girl named Rorona who works in an alchemists workshop. However, the shops owner Astrid seems to be slacking a bit these days and it is up to you to save the shop!

By saving the shop you will have to do a number of things, the most basic being that you will have to successfully complete a total of 12 tasks over 3 (in game) years. These tasks will be appointed to you be the castle and you will have a deadline that you must complete them by. In this game there are multiple different ways to complete each task as the storyline has over thirty different endings. Who doesn’t love a game with multiple endings?

While completing the main tasks, there will also be side-quests for you to take part in. You see at the beginning of the game the townsfolk don’t really trust you or your shop, but as you go along and start to build up the shops reputation again they will begin to change their minds about you. They will offer you jobs that you can either choose to complete or not. Completing the job on time will raise how much that person trusts you as well as the shops popularity.

Not only will you have options to complete tasks by the townsfolk,  but you will also have the option to complete tasks for your friends. By completing these quests on time you will gain money as well as raising your friendship levels. Raising your friendship levels will ensure you deepen your bonds with your companions.

The largest component of the game is very clearly the alchemy aspect. All the games quests and missions revolve around synthesizing two items that you find in the field to create another new item. All the alchemy takes place in the workshop, obviously! Synthesizing is also an important part of completing the game so make sure that you try to combine everything that you can!

While the main component of the game has Rorona running around the world collecting and combining items, often when exploring you will be confronted with different enemies. These enemies will appear on the field map so if you want you can attempt to sneak past them and avoid a battle. However, most times it will be unavoidable and you will have to fight the monster. When you enter a battle you will be transported to a battle screen and the battle gameplay is a class turn-based style.

I for one am stoked for this game and cannot wait to get it.

Make sure to check out the demo video below!

Atelier Rorona Official Site



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