The Unfinished Swan

19 08 2010

While doing my usual wandering around the interwebs I stumbled across an intriguing game that is currently in the process of being made.

This game is being created by a small video game company called Giant Sparrow that wishes to create games which create surreal experiences for their players, ones that they have never felt before. From the small clip of The Unfinished Swan I have seen, I’m pretty sure these guys are accomplishing their goals.

The Unfinished Swan is a ‘first person painting game’ which is like a first person shooter except you don’t shoot bullets you shoot balls of paint.   The world you explore is entirely white and you use your black balls of paint to splatter your surroundings and discern where you need to head next.

This game looks very neat and I cannot wait to hear more from Giant Sparrow. Because they are such a small company we have to have patience with them so don’t expect weekly updates from these guys. However, when I learn more I will definitely share with you beautiful people c;

For now, check out this tech demo that they released back in December of 2008

Check out Giant Sparrows website Here



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