City of Heroes: Going Rogue

17 08 2010

Have you ever wanted to see what it would be like to play the role of superhero? Or even to be a superhero until the people you rescue start to bother you SO much that you decide to become a supervillian?

Well now you can do exactly that! In the newest City of Heroes MMO, you have the option of creating your ideal superhero that takes on the bad guys and saves the helpless citizens. Or, you can choose to create your ultimate supervillian! One who choose to wreak havoc wherever they go and make the good guys lives a living hell!

I personally wish I had a PC, or a video card in my Mac, to enjoy this game with. I would totally make an insanely badass supervillain chick who would destroy everything she could!

Of course after that I’d have to make a sickeningly sweet superhero chick to clean up the mean streets and kick some baddie ass!

City of Heroes: Going Rogue is available today! Make sure you check out their website by clicking here




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