The Dark Knight Returns

14 08 2010

So I recently started and finished Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Now I’ve never really been a particular fan of Batman. I didn’t hate him or anything but I didn’t really feel… connected to the character.

After reading this comic I feel completely different. I totally love Batman now! This book showed me the personal and more human side of Bruce Wayne. His internal struggle between doing what he thinks is right and what he feels is right. It really caused me to form a weird bond with Batman. (Not sure what that says about me!)

Not only do I know feel closer to the Batman, I thought the way Miller went about telling this story was amazing. He had an aged Selina, aka Catwoman, a retiring Gordon and even an extremely old Green Arrow! It was cool too see the usually young and spry heros/villians in such an elderly manner.

Now of course I have not forgotten to mention the Jokers apperance in this comic. I LOVED the way Miller portrayed him. I barely recognized him at the beginning in Arkham, then when Batman returned and Joker regained his former glory I was astonished. I must say that was quite smart of Miller. Not only this, I was completely shocked with how Miller ended the dispute between Batman and Joker. I won’t ruin anything but I was quite pleased.

Lastly, I adored the new Robin! What a cutie pie! She kicked some serious ass too! I sense an epic future for this one c;

Like I said, I was very pleased with this comic and I cannot wait until I can read the second one!

Oh I almost forgot! There were AMAZING full coloured action pages scattered throughout this book. Some of which I have managed to locate for your viewing pleasure c;

My apologies as I could only find two images… I shall upload more when I get home to my camera!



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