My Toys

11 08 2010

So while I was getting ready for work this morning I happened to look at my ‘toys’ as I so lovingly call them.

Now I have 4, technically 3 but I like to think 4, Final Fantasy Play Arts; Cloud & His Harley Davidson Motorcycle (This is what I count as my fourth.. I don’t care what you say it is damnit!) both the original Final Fantasy VII versions, Tifa’s Final Fantasy VII version and Sepiroth’s Final Fantasy VII version. Pretty sweet right? I won’t comment on the fact that I could stage Epic battles between these three (four!) figurines.

Anyways, I also have a few smaller Final Fantasy figurines as well as quite a few Dunnys. My point to all this rambling is that I love my toys. I really do. Not only this, I want to collect more of them! I figure one day that I’ll be that crazy person with tons of them locked in those glass cupboards.



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